We'll cover:

Relaxation techniques for pregnancy and labour
Fetal positioning
Caesarean births
Perineal massage and pelvic floor preparation
Optimum positions to facilitate labour

Week 2

We'll cover:

The unreliability of due dates
Managing stress in pregnancy
Induction and "natural" induction methods
Decision making and your rights
When labour begins...
Breathing techniques for labour

Week 3

We'll cover:

What is hypnosis and how does it work?
The mind-body connection
Physiology of labour and birth
The importance of the nervous system
How fear affects the process of birth

Week 1

online hypnobirthing course

We'll cover:

Different places you may choose to birth
Pain relief options
The various stages of labour - what to expect
The vital role of the birth partner
What happens after baby arrives
Writing your birth preferences

week 4

This is an ante-natal course designed to help you overcome any worries you hold around bringing your baby into the world. By teaching you about the physiology of labour and birth and arming you with relaxation techniques, hypnobirthing will help you to feel prepared, calm and confident in you body’s ability to birth your baby, no matter what sort of birth you’d ideally like to aim for.

The course runs over 4 weeks with each 2 hour session taking place over Zoom on a Wednesday evening. See below for upcoming course dates, content we'll be covering each week and answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you'd like to discuss having some private sessions at a time that suits you (either alone or with a small group of friends) please get in touch.

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Kind Words


what is hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing is so much more than simply listening to some guided relaxations on your iPhone, it is a full ante-natal preparation helping you to release any fear and negative ideas you hold around birth (because let's be honest, most of us have heard nothing but horror stories from an early age) so that you can be calm, confident, empowered and trusting in your body's incredible innate ability to birth your baby.
The 'hypno' part is all about shifting that anxious mindset, introducing new ways of thinking and teaching you effective relaxation techniques so that you can step back and allow your body to it's amazing work.
I truly believe that any birthing person can benefit from the knowledge and evidence-based information contained within this course, regardless of the birth you would ideally like to aim for. There is an unhelpful common misconception that hypnobirthing is just for drug-free hippy waterbirths and that is absolutely not the case. 

Can my birth partner attend?


Yes of course! The price of the course covers you and one other. That can be your partner/friend/sister/doula/birth partner - whoever you'd like to have supporting you.
The role of the birth partner in labour is massive, so it is really beneficial for them to come to birth armed with all the same knowledge as you to ensure they can support you and advocate for you to the best of their abilities.

What does it cost and what is included?


The course costs £250 which covers you and your plus one attending the 4 online sessions, plus you'll also receive:
~ a hypnobirthing handbook full of resources & recommendations
~ lots of relaxation recordings & guided hypnosis
~ a positive affirmation audio
~ access to The Birth Uprising digital pack (worth £55)
~ ongoing support via the group WhatsApp
~ 10% off reflexology treatments with me during pregnancy and for the 3 months after birth

You will become part of a supportive and friendly group of people going through pregnancy and birth alongside you, which in my own experience of becoming a parent has been invaluable. It is so so important to have people to chat to who are in it with you; whether that's to talk through your nervous excitement in the weeks leading up to birth or to discuss your many 'is this normal?' questions in the hazy postpartum days.

Why join the course when I can read A book?


When is the best time to do the course?


What qualifications do you have?


Once your booking is received you'll be contacted within 2 working days with further information.

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7th August 7.30pm
14th August 7.30pm
21st August 7.30pm
28th August 7.30pm

August 2024

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8th May 7.30pm
15th May 7.30pm
22nd May 7.30pm
29th May 7.30pm

May 2024

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book now - £250

6th March 7.30pm
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March 2024

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This is a 2 hour session in which we'll cover the bare essentials ~ perfect if your baby's arrival is fast approaching or you're in need of a hypnobirthing refresher.

We'll cover:

How hypnobirthing can support you
The mind-body connection & the physiology of birth
Your hypnobirthing toolkit
The vital role of the birth partner
How to make empowered decisions during pregnancy & birth
What to expect during labour
Writing your birth preferences

You'll also recieve:

~ hypnobirthing relaxation audios & affirmations
~ whatsapp support for the remainder of your pregnancy

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